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Nuova Metallurgica, specialized in the production of aluminum frames and metal carpentry, fails to satisfy the needs not only in private buildings for residential use, but it counted among its customers even large companies, thus sharing in the construction of large commercial and industrial buildings with the construction of curtain walls vertical and transverse or structural, modular partition walls roofs, strip windows, emergency exits, industrial doors, bushes entrance, fences, etc..

We produce windows with hinged doors, sliding, pivoting, hinged and bottom hung, windows, doors, shutters and frames to lift. Each product has its own distinctive design and techniques features that adapt perfectly to the outside weather conditions and the needs of individual users.

La Nuova Metallurgica S.r.l. - 302ma Strada Zona industriale Campolungo - 63100 Ascoli Piceno (Italy) - p.iva 00396010449
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